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Putting a Friendly Face on the Help Desk

The Office of Information Technology needed a redesign. They were working to cut down on calls, emails, and in-person visits to the Help Desk and to integrate an interface that encouraged users to find the solutions to common issues.

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Connecting Users to Solutions

When your computer crashes during the middle of an online exam, it’s not fun. I should know. It happened to me during my marketing analytics midterm.

As a current student and staff member, I was familiar with contacting OIT during a tech-related crisis. Now, as a UX designer for the university, I wanted to make it easier and less stressful.

OIT leaders wanted to make their site more clean and modern and also showcase the helpful staff operating the help desk labs, phones, and online chats to help frazzled clients.

The new homepage features a header with the smiling faces of OIT staffers. A hover feature allows users to view the name and title of those featured.

In looking at the site’s analytics, I could quickly identify the top pages and tasks, so I designed content that connects users quickly to answers to the commonly asked queries such as resetting passwords.

A prominent search bar takes uses to the Knowledge Base, connected to pages optimized for search with keywords tied to top terms. I also had to connect content and search with a third-party provider that helped log inquiries and resolutions through the site’s How-To Guides.

Showcasing Work & Wise Words


A content block to showcase just how much OIT staffers do and how many issues they resolve.

Wise Words

OIT leadership asked for a quote box dubbed “Thoughts from the ROC,” the acronym for the building where they are located on campus.


The site launched in January of 2020. Here’s a quote from the OIT project manager:

“We launched the new OIT website last week after working with them for the last year using the new website template. They were absolutely amazing to work with. They all worked late into the evening the day of launch to ensure we did not miss our deadline.

“I just wanted to express my appreciation for their amazing partnership, utmost professionalism, and hard work.”

Little did we know then how important technology would become as we entered a worldwide pandemic that forced the university to shift to online learning. Having a well-designed, easy-to-navigate OIT site helped students, faculty and staff as we all made the pivot.

Key Deliverables

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